Welcome to Utility Consultants

Welcome to Utility Consultants Ltd, specialist management consultants to the regulated pipes & wires sectors ... electricity & gas distribution & transmission networks.

The core of Utility Consulants expertise is helping clients optimise their network capital investment levels within the contexts of capacity, reliability, safety and regulated revenue. Typical client engagements include...

  • Ensuring that capital investment levels are sufficient to maintain long-term supply reliability.
  • Compiling asset management plans to ensure that long-term investment levels are sustainable.
  • Peer review of electricity and gas investment proposals.
  • Confirming how an economic regulator is likely to treat capital investment forecasts.
  • Strengthening asset management practices including assessment against ISO 55000.
  • Development of frameworks for managing strategic, operational and project risks.
  • Providing assurance that industry codes and rules have been correctly complied with.
  • Ensuring that a portfolio of capital investment projects are economically efficient.
  • Confirming that the price and supply reliability trade-off correctly reflects customer preferences.
  • Provising assurance that safety management plans will meet regulatory requirements.
  • Defending asset management practices against accusations of inadequacy.
  • Developing maintenance policies and plans to ensure long-term asset integrity.

These are just a few examples of hundreds of client engagements and projects that Utility Consultants director Phil Caffyn has been involved with over the last 30 years. Please take a few moments to browse around and see how Utility Consultants can help your pipes & wires business, and then email or call to discuss your precise needs.