Research Reports

Utility Consultants has prepared the following research reports that are available either by directly downloading or upon request by picking the links and completing the email message.

General industry & market reshuffles

"Global utility investment patterns in the electricity sector" (June 2002).

"Possible shake-out scenarios for the UK electricity supply industry" (November 2002).

"Structure of the NZ gas pipes industry" (December 2002)

"Key players, drivers & strategies in the European electricity sector" (February 2003) - this slide show costs NZ$195 excl. GST.

"Global investment patterns in the electricity industry" (March 2003) - this slide show costs NZ$295 excl. GST.

"Shaking out the Czech transmission & distribution industry - a study of regulatory concessions" (March 2003)

Analysis of major transactions

"E.On's acquisition of Ruhrgas - a study of competition issues & regulatory concessions" (March 2003)

"Gas Natural's unsuccessful bid for Iberdrola" (May 2003)

"Alinta Gas' acquisition of United Energy, MultiNet and Ikon Energy" (May 2003)

"The sale of Midlands Electricity's distribution business" (June 2003)

"The UNL sale" (December 2002)

Transaction price analysis

"Analysis of NZ electricity company sale prices in relation to ODV" (August 1999).

"Benchmarking the cost performance of NZ's energy trusts" (February 2002).

"Distribution business sale prices in NZ$ per customer and as a multiple of Regulatory Asset Value" (September 2002).

"UK electricity supply industry market share and supply business sale prices" (November 2002)

Public policy issues

"Toll roads - policy, funding & legal issues" (January 2003)