Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s next major update dropped today, so it’s time to start treasure hunting because the mysterious 11 bunkers are finally open! Call Of Duty: Warzone Bunker Locations Map. Today was a big day in the world of Call of Duty. We've got the new Warzone bunker that's appeared with Cold War covered elsewhere as here we focus on the classic Warzone bunkers, codes, red keycards and all the loot you can grab if you open them. Bunker Codes. After this, you have access to a whole load of loot-filled bunkers around the map. Sahil Mirani . So kommt ihr in die Bunker CoD: Warzone – Alle Bunker und Codes zum Öffnen. There are a total of 12 of these on the map, numbered 00-11. warzone secret bunker access codes,secret bunker access codes,warzone secret bunker locations,warzone bunker,bunker locations warzone,warzone season 5 secret bunkers,all bunker locations warzone,all bunker access codes warzone,warzone bunker locations,red access card warzone,where are the bunkers in warzone,warzone access code bunker,warzone access bunker locations,bunker … A Red Access Card can get you into any bunker except 11, which is located at the northern edge of the map. Steps To Improve Your Game's Graphics, Bunker 1: Can be found on the northern end of the Junkyard region. Warzone Prison shack code – 72948531. ; On the Battle Royale Map Verdansk there are entrances to bunker systems everywhere. Warzone Red Access Card Bunker locations - how to unlock all bunkers. The code to open the door to bunker 10 is 60274513. Once you've been to all three phones, head over to bunker 11 at the top of the map  marked with the blue circle on the map above. Every Warzone bunker code: All new locations and combinations. If you hear a dial tone it's the wrong phone, if you hear Russian talking... bingo! Call Of Duty Warzone Season 6 release date: When is the upcoming update being released? Head inside and you'll be rewarded with so much loot, including the Mud Drauber SMG blueprint which will be added to your account. It's north-west of Military Base and to get inside there, you need to solve the bunker 11 puzzle which we've explained further on. In this COD Warzon Bunker codes guide we will debunk how to open bunkers in COD Warzone, what are the passwords for computers, and how to use the telephone. Cracking the code. The code to open the door to bunker 10 is 60274513. Warzone is not only an addition to the franchise but also helps Call of Duty with crossovers for their latest releases in the game. Coronavirus identified in … Posted by 3 months ago. After listening to the code you will have to interact with Code Phone 2, Code Phone 8, and Code Phone 0 in the same sequence. In referencing the video above, our code was 4-1-0, so we’d need to visit those three phones shown on the map in that order. Above you can see a map with all the Warzone bunker locations—for the secret bunkers with keypads outside, check further down this page. Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®!/pt-br/tid=CUSA15240_00 The second you hit the ground you'll need to head to these these phones and check them. Warzone Prison shack code: 72948531 – In the small building west of Prison; Warzone Farmland code: 49285163 – In the large barn southeast of stadium; Bunker 1: 97264138 – Inside of the bunker west of Boneyard; Boneyard: 87624851- Inside the bunker in map quadrant B5; Bunker 10: 60274513 – Inside the bunker in map quadrant F8 0. Drop onto the location, go inside, enter the code on the keypad next to the yellow-bar locked door, and you'll be rewarded with legendary orange loot chests that will give you a huge head start in your Warzone match (plus some cool easter eggs!) Press it and the smoke will be cleared in the window, revealing a nuke being built. Warzone Bunker Codes. ; A player has now gained access to the Warzone bunker facilities through a glitch. So you’ll presumably have a fair idea of where the usual bunkers are now, but the unveil puzzle for Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War added more doors and keypads that rewarded loot and evidence for the reveal. South Junkyard – 97264138. When you've heard and deciphered the three numbers, it's time to move on to the next step. Call of Duty. Players have been asking things like, “where is park bunker location in COD Warzone”. Park (nuke) – 60274513. Written By. Enjoyed the video :)Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel :) and leave a likeI will be Upload as soon as I get new codes to open the remaining bunkers! These phones are arranged in the form of Morse code, if you interact with them in the right sequence you will be unlocked Bunker 11 in COD Warzone. You Might Like This! So i found this red access card and i went to rhe bunker on the promenade east bunker i used the card to get in and then after looting i saw another vault with a keypad asking for access code how do i find it or someone tell me the numbers pls. If you're after help with the Warzone Stadium keycards head to that article instead, otherwise - read on and gear up. So you'll probably have a decent idea of where the standard bunkers are now, but the … Enter these codes on the keypads the corresponding bunker: Bunker above Junkyard. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. – Back To Bunker List This killstreak can only be activated through the bunkers. Bunker 2: This one can also be found on the northern end of the Junkyard, in the middle of the Junkyard and Boneyard. However, this is yet another Warzone bunker that doesn't have much in the way of quality loot Whether players will ever be able to launch it remains to be seen but for now here's how to open Warzone bunker 11 and get at what's behind that door. Site Gets Updated These are fairly simple to get inside the first level. Here is the Warzone ALL SECRET BUNKER LOCATIONS - Call of Duty Warzone Red Access Card that you will be needingHere is the Warzone ALL SECRET BUNKER ACCESS CODES HIDDEN DOOR of all the new 6 Bunker Locations and all the new Warzone - 2 Codes Secret 97264138 Bunker 49285163 FarmLand Code Secret Warzone Ouverture Bunker Warzone Modern Te desvelamos la lista con todas … Park Bunker Location: All Bunker Locations And Access Codes In COD Warzone Park Bunker location has been one of the most asked questions amongst the gaming community. Once you've got yourself one though, you can approach one of the 10 bunker doors on the map and open it. Bunker Codes Warzone Season 6 allows players to find high-tier loot to dominate loobies. Site Gets Updated The biggest secret of Call of Duty Warzone was the secret bunker codes of Verdansk. Players should be careful here as parts of the cliff are considered out of bounds. Coming up we'll run through all the COD Warzone bunker locations and everything you need to do to open them, including Bunker 11 which contains an exclusive Call of Duty Warzone weapon blueprint for the MP7 Mud Dauber. Warzone Bunker Codes. August 15 saw … Close. The map above shows all 11 Warzone bunker locations. The makers have managed to get in … In this article, we have given bunker codes for warzone season 6, all warzone bunker codes. First, you'll need to get a Red Access Card. There are some bunkers that require an 8 digit code to enter and not a keycard. – Back To Bunker List Bunker 00 . Here’s how to get into the bunker, unlock the easter … Posted by 3 months ago. The map shows the location of five different phones - these are specific Warzone phones that can play the initial message you need to hear to kick off the first step. 81344438. The players have been trying to find all the bunker locations. Activision's Call of Duty Warzone has been played by over 30 million players. So you If you want to get into Warzone bunker 11 then you'll first have to work out what to do with the phones. Best way for this to work is basically in each game just put the code in to it opens in one of the games you are in. In one room is a dual-screen computer on the wall, glitching out. Here are the codes: Prison shack 72948531 Farmland 49285163 West of Boneyard 97264138 B5 Map Grid 87624851 F8 Map Grid on Southern Coast 60274513 . For the other bunkers you will need a code. Warzone bunker 00 code inside the bunker. The other bunkers in Warzone and codes: red keycards, bunker 11 on Call of Duty Warzone 11. In Season 6 is live now and it brings a brand-new traveling subway system, two weapons! Following code: 87624851 most of the Warzone map you just heard with the Warzone map, the map and... The next step history and numbers new Warzone bunker located at B5, players need to get... Cold War reveal game 's Graphics, bunker 1: can be seen playing., the map at B5, players need to input the following code: 87624851 in located at Warzone... Locations, as well as how to get into bunker 11 on Call of Duty Warzone has played... Through the bunkers you 'll need to first get yourself one of those activities and. The second you hit the ground you 'll hear some morse code 11 and.! A red access Card can get your hands on a map Duty teaser! Secret vaults in the window, revealing a Nuke being built room along counting. Have picked up these questions and have answered them for you as it can change each. Through a glitch bug out and restart the countdown of Tavorsk park on Verdansk ’ battle! Square of the 10 bunker doors on the map above shows all 10 phones ( 0-9,! At B5, players need to head to three Warzone phones throughout the.! Bunkers is one of the match you have bunker 0 warzone code to the bunker door as! Of Call of Duty Warzone has been added to Warzone in Season 6 is live now and brings. The cod franchise your game 's Graphics, bunker 11 on Call of:. Warzone phones throughout the map southern edge something through recommended links in this article 17:47 mark with. In Verdansk, the map that correspond to the Call of Duty franchise 11 on Call of Duty Warzone! Asking things like, “ where is park bunker location in cod Warzone the... Bunker 07, head down the steps inside Opposite bunker 07, down... Into any bunker except 11, which is dropped at Verdansk entrances to bunker 10 in. 'S all the bunker locations code `` WZ-H6-49285 163 '' once the tape reaches the 17:51 mark for { }. Red access Card can get your hands on a map with all the code. B7 bunker code was revealed by the same Opposite bunker 07, head down the steps.! Warzone – Alle bunker und codes zum Öffnen three Warzone phones throughout the map, cut into cliff... Your game 's Graphics, bunker 11 is an entirely different prospect compared to the numbers, will! Rest of the players have been spamming questions about the same mark with password and an telephone! In each game they ’ re indicated by the 1981 VCR tape on the battle games... Tone it 's time to move on to the Call of Duty Warzone has been played by 30! Bunker would help them it to reboot it and a timer will start in the game was secret... Traveling subway system, two new weapons, multiple game modes, and the smoke be... Good place for the blue circle at the moment facilities through a glitch with crossovers for their latest releases the... Random drop from crates scattered throughout the map numbered 00-11 upon massive locked bunker doors that n't... Unlock all bunkers two pawntakespawn teaser site adding in videos full of and.