can you please help What’s is the temperature in degrees that a 1000 w par 64 gives off. This may seem pointless and silly but it’s been tried and tested and helps everytime with the amount of lamps you have to replace when it comes to Maintenance. Sharukh, Hi You will need two for each band member. How easy is it to fix broken lighting equipment? Hi Darren, I can’t really work out what exactly the DTS lanterns are supposed to be (they look like a fresnel box with no lens on the front) but the idea of putting a linear halogen strip with a parabolic reflector seems counter intuitive. Pars are measured in 1/8″ increments. Export. ADJ Par 64 Polished Light Can Pack. By switching to LED, it will save you money and you’ll get better illumination and more Efficient Lighting. Here is a brief rundown of PAR 64 lamps, the beam angles are approximate and are the most “useful” largest part of the ellipse due to the nature of the PAR lamp beam shape: PAR lamps are simple incandescent light sources, using a heated metal filament in a glass envelope. As they heat they expand and gravity does the rest. … Because PAR cans don’t have a lens of their own, the result is a shower of hot glass onto whatever is below them. Raylights are a specific tool that does a specific job better than other options. About 89% of these are beam lights, 85% are led stage lights, and 1% are street lights. I would go for the 500w and med flood. Choice of PAR36, PAR46, PAR56 or PAR64 . Is there anyway I can know for sure? Search. 26 DEGREES from close or 10′ from far. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your fervent concern. althought the offical life is only about 80 hours… So yeh not a PAR work horse.. needs to be treated a bit more like a classic car.. but in the right place you can touch them… 1) You can opt for GE bulbs which come in three types Very Narrow,Narrow and medium flood,they also come in wide flood but dont use those. THRILL Compact PAR 64 LED is a bright and powerful LED PAR can that washes your party or event with full, intense and saturated colors. FEATURES: LED PAR 64 with RGB color mixing DMX mode (6 channels), Auto Mode RGB 177 10mm … The Lighting LED Par 64 features 177 10mm LED lights (60 red, 56 blue, and 61 green), this LED PAR light can run in DMX mode (6 channels) or auto mode RGB. Par 64 / Parcan 64 Gel - Stage Lighting Filter 105 Orange. Cybermarket supply high quality LED and Halogen PAR cans and spotlights. Some designs of PAR Can have a fine mesh covering the lamp. DragonX DJ Stage Lighting LED Par Can Lights | Slim LED 64 Par Can Wash Light | 177 RGB with Amber and White Lights (10mm) | Uplighting for Wedding, Event, Stage | DMX512 Compatible. And if you think a 4 metre grid is low ours is 3.4m! Page 2 leD PAR 64 instRuction mAnuAl INTRODUCTION The LED PAR64 is a DMX intelligent LED Par Can. A cheeky article it may have been – but it was still innacurate. Illuminate your performances with this pack, which includes a polished aluminum PAR 64 can, 300-watt lamp, four color gels, a clamp and a safety cable. Thanks LED Par 64 technology makes it possible to produce lights in any colour of the spectrum. CP95, the flood bulb that spreads like a water balloon but gives very little light, looks about the same but finer. It’s common practice to bend the terminals of a dead PAR lamp back flat against the ceramic terminal housing once tested as not working, to stop yourself and other picking the lamp back up as a working one. Gel Scrollers: These mount to the front of par cans, Source 4s, etc. I usually tell people that CP62 looks like the headlights of a VW bus from the 60s. Help please!! Oh wait, you said that. $85.99 $ 85. The result? I have 6 PAR cans and i have not had to change these lamps in over a year since i fitted them. Rarely used, neither as narrow as the 4552 or as bright as the 1 Kw so never found great favour even though they could work on a 5Kw dimmer, just! The interesting thing is that, with mesh in the front of the PAR Can, the front lens cracked and fell to bits while the blast forced the internal halogen envelope back through the hole (no PAR safe) in the rear of the Can – still intact with filament. offers 865 par 64 1000w products. We just get to use the hire company stock that has been out on lord-knows-what Weekend Warrior disco truss. Hiya Gautam, Theres a lot of talk, but ive never used a raylight, so Im not sure what it looks like. Five 12-watt bright RGB, white, amber and UV LEDs give a uniform field of light that is perfect for warm wall washes, truss toning and front or back lighting. Stories of show cock-ups seem to be overweight in the “something made my Masterpiece go crazy” stakes, so it could be argued that the metal touch sensitive pads on the control were a definite design flaw. Add to cart. Fiber Optic Cable; Fiber Optic Illuminator; Fiber Optic Cable; Fiber Optic Illuminator; Fiber Optic Light Fiber Optic Light. If used with the right bulbs the beam is much cleaner and does not burn gel. Yorkville Sound High Output 2 Pod LED Light bar Model: LP-LED2X. 2)Option 2 is go for Ordinary bulbs which are more flood lights. As well as from 50000, 8000, and 10000. Sharukh Not a great idea, but at least when you got sick of ray kit problems you could drop a real par bulb in without having to rewire. Complete creative freedom to achieve the desired effect. Have a look down the front of your PAR Can with the unit switched off. Let us know your thoughts on the light quality from those fixtures. Anyway, after 5 years of good humour among the majority of readers of this article, I continue to maintain that I don’t like Raylights and haven’t seen one for nearly 10 years. We know that creating the … 2.8 out of 5 stars 4. Thus a PAR 64 is, nominally, 64 eighths of an inch in diameter. Hoffman Performance Lighting has introduced the first-ever PAR64 LED Landing Light; a drop-in replacement for existing Q4559 and Q4559X quartz halogen lamps. Shipping Info Shipping Info. Hard to get raylights nowadays – though I think Clay Paky has done a good impersonation with the Sharpy – they just need to match the price. so they don’t cool evenly and then when gravity steps in – poof! For instance, if you want to produce a light with one of these lighting units that is entirely green, thats an option at your disposal. The glass envelope or "bulb" of all incandescent lamps is measured in eighths of an inch. 67W 90CRI version has a light output of 5000 lumens-LED kit is 5 inches deep and 7 inches round - will fit into any PAR56/64 fixture.-Existing socket will be replaced with the new disconnect socket. These attributes make the SunSpot ideal for experimental, certified, commercial and Military aircraft. Finally there was the 650W Tungsten Halogen version. Where would I find the old style 1000w Par Can Bulb Holders. This unit can be used as a stand alone fixture in sound-activated mode, or controlled via DMX controller. You can also choose from 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year. PAR actually stands for Parabolic (the shape) Anodised/Aluminised (the shiny bit) Reflector (the reflector! Displaying 1 to 30 (of 30 products) Item Name-Manufacturer Model Price. Hope this helps, Hi Chris, PAR 64 CP60, CP61 and CP62 Theatre Lamps available in 1000W and 500W They came over from England as part of the Thomas invasion. These are 28V PAR 64, the most common was the 4552 at 250W and ridiculously narrow angle. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on the R7 Raylights. PAR 64 Spotlight housing Long housing, Colour: Polished aluminium, With a base (GX16D), cable, colour frames and safety plug, Very high quality!, Light not included! I’m looking at 3 watt leds. Dry sand mind you not wet. Filiment design aside, the base of the lamp / fixture was of poor design, and they were notorious for arcing, which pitted both the socket and the contacts of the bulb. If it’s the paint i’ll be relieved! If you wish to use your FOH from very far then use very narrow. No, you are right, they are pretty awful. I light a stage from a balcony about 40 feet away. The first that came to the UK were with the band Little Feet in 1975. An incredibly efficient product, the PMA approved PAR 64 LED Bulb Replacement is used in both commercial and military applications. Sharukh, Yes, they’re brand new, only a few weeks old! The Par 64 holds a 500 or 1000 watt lamp that is either a wide flood, medium flood, narrow spot or very narrow spot. PAR stands for Parabolic Anodized Reflector. (LxWxH) 265 x 255 x 372mm This also works for the R-40, the par 38 and 36, all the way down to the MR-16 (2″). My favourites (0) PAR 64. What about ACL? 1) You can opt for GE bulbs which come in three types Very Narrow,Narrow and medium flood,they also come in wide flood but dont use those. I am here to stand and wave the flag for the Raylite… I would agree that you wouldn’t want to keylight anything with them… but for rock beam work, no PAR Lamp comes close! Therefore, a PAR64 is eight inches in diameter (64/8 = 8) and a PAR38 has a diameter of four and three-quarter inches (38/8 = 4.75). The LED-500 Par 64 Package is ideal for Bands, Theaters, Halls, and Hotels. This also can hike-up your Utility Bill considerably. If the lens of your PAR lamp is frosted, a CP61 and if the glass separated into small squares, then it is one of the larger floods, probably a CP62. These lamps are gradually being discontinued but there are many popular types which will go on forever such as swimming pool lamps. Hi, Can anyone help me??? The distincion may seem trivial – but it’s important – they don’t exhibit any of the flaws you refer to when used with the correct bulb – only when used with incorrect ones (I gave the T18 as an example as it the most common incorrect lamp used). Chauvet DJ SlimPAR 64 RGBA Par Package with Clamp, DMX Cable, Safety Cable ... That said, the definition of PAR can lights has widened considerably as things like LED technology have become a mainstream option. What they are is a wonderful, really fast and narrow effect light. This left the lamp burning parallel to the deck at worse. Arrives before Christmas. Sign in or Register; Shop Menu. Switching to LED Lamps affects more than just your Lighting. Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 14. I have read about Raylights and taken on board the advice about NEVER using them! If you wish to use your FOH from very far then use very narrow. Hi! £39.99. I have 40 64 long nosed PAR Cans and need to lamp them all, whats the cheapest/most cost affective way? LED PAR 64. Light source: 183 pieces of 10 mm high-powered RGB LEDs; Short PAR 64 housing; DMX 512 control (Dip switch on the backside) RGB colour mixing by DMX or stand-alone program; 3-pin XLR DMX input and output; Sound-to-light function by 7 DMX channels as well as by stand alone mode; With hanging bracket ; Measurements: 375 x 260 x 200 mm; Colour: Black; Further Information. Find best dropshippers for UK par 64 lights and buy cheap white cans on Dhgate website with high quality & fast delivery to UK. Just thought I’d add a bit to the knowledge above on Par lamps. When you say that a Medium Wide flood is 24 degrees, is that going length ways or the shorter width of the ellipsis? Admittedly, i no longer do this and instead i power up the rig a while before i start teching a show. So now I know NOT to blame the crew for hitting my Par 64 with a flat. They're great when 'up-lighting' is desired projecting from the floor onto ceilings, walls, Columns, etc - an easy technique for dressing up an event space. 4.3 out of 5 stars 81. FREE Shipping by Amazon. For FOH if you want to use pars from very close then use wides at a agle of 45’to the stage from a height.If you want to use your Foh from a distance then Narrows are recommended. A ‘Beep’ or a low resistance reading indicates that the PAR lamp is working. The Lighting LED Par 64 features 177 10mm LED lights (60 red, 56 blue, and 61 green) for a nice, affordable addition to any lighting rig. My heart always sinks if ever I am presented with a moving light controller (?) In their heyday they came in as wide a varity of beam angles as the PAR itself – but the most popular were about 10 degrees as they gave much better punch. I suspect the author of the article has never seen them with the right bulb as he/she describes all the sypmtons exhibited when a T18 is used! Shop a wide range of jordan air shoes at our online shop today! Some were circular in output, while others were oval. Hi Darcy, 24 degrees is a rough figure for the widest axis of the PAR beam. Shop our large inventories of LED Par Can, PAR Can Accessories, PAR Can Packages, Professional Theatrical & Stage Lighting Equipment. DragonX DJ Lighting – RGB LED Light w/Amber & White RGBA – Slim LED 64 Par Can Wash Light 177 (10mm) Slimpar 64 Party Light for DJ Lighting, Uplighting, Wedding, Event, Stage, DMX 512 4.0 out of 5 stars 75 $85.99$85.99 Get it as soon as Thu, Aug 6 I bought some to try as they have a 30 day money back offer.. Review on cheap LED lights. On Stage Lighting takes a look at the different PAR 64 lamps available and their uses in stage lighting. cheers Dyl yea i wish i could buy both bulbs but like yourself shoe string budgets are great fun…. They look a lot like our Silver PAR64 Fixtures but they are black and shorter. This Par Can is lightweight and compact which makes it a great piece for Houses of Worship, mobile DJs, and clubs. Using them with the fillaments stacked up one above the other also means the bottom heats the one above etc. Collection in person. They were fast, especially with a bit of “preheat”. LED stage lights come in three main types. We ran them 8 in series usually in groups of 4 series wired together and these were paired in the dimmer patch as we were using 120V PAR64 series paired back then. This means you can test them using a multimeter in the same way as an ordinary light bulb. Cheers Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for beamz 4x PAR 64 Colour LED Lights at t… Like a cigarette lighter. Just to add my ten penneth re. my other concern is the apparent exploding PAR lamps is this because they are miss treated or de rigged before they have cooled properly? Free Shipping. All products are in-stock and available to ship the same day and most orders are ship free. I forgot to mention that raylights blow lamps for a pastime. You talking about the masterpeice reminded me of what happened a while ago for the company i work for. The approximate nominal lamp bell diameter in inches can be found by dividing the PAR size by 8. Are you the cleaner? A useful piece of information. The main advantage of them is that the A1 244 has a MUCH lower thermal inertia than a standard PAR so they come on and go off MUCH more quickly allowing more rapid, sharper chases and dynamic effects. A super quiet cooling system makes these ideal for show use; theatre, drama, musicals, played and more, but these are equally at home on band or dancefloor lighting duty where the zoom (proxy 15-45 degrees) makes for some dynamic wash effects. It was like an STD for pars. They just hit all over the place. You will also need it to be from up close. Too close to the person on stage is at best uncomfortable. Or for use on the fly, activate pulse effects at variable speed or built-in automated and sound-activated programs. Performers will appreciate the nearly non-existent heat from the fixture, which has 181 (36 red, 85 green, 60 blue) 10mm LEDs. For Foh no matter what you use try for a height since eyelevel or lower will hurt the performers.The best are Narrows for FOH since you can use it from anywhere that is “not too close”. However, you can create any hue you like by including various %ages of different colors, and you can even program each diode individually to create a truly eclectic appearance. Hello Home Par 64 Lights Par 64 Lights. Having well over 20 years in the professional stage lighting business, I have seen and used plenty of raylight reflector PARs with the A1s and also seen T18s and all kinds of things jammed in them. The reason most most raylamp bulbs blow is because the reflector is rotated from that position and gravity ends up pulling the filaments towards each other. It was the lamp that gave the fixtures their namesake. That’s never a good sign. Sell your Gear Help Sign In / Register. You can fit standard PAR lamps to the cans, you might just need to modify the lamp base and wiring to accept the new lamps. BTW, Most “old” intelligent lighting desks are museum pieces and are probably worth a little bit to someone. But it does happen and I don’t think that anyone has the exact answer as to what causes a PAR lamp to explode. PAR actually stands for Parabolic (the shape) Anodised/Aluminised (the shiny bit) Reflector (the reflector! These lights are perfect for such productions because they can spotlight particular areas with ease. PAR 56 300-1000 WATT A sig are a serve m The smaller siz PAR64’s optional PAR56/64 a beams and lamp ranges from for the PAR64, these lights are remotes and architectural a pp compact package. The PAR 64 Can is still popular because: a) It provides a good 1000w of punchy light; b) A PAR Can (the lantern body shell) and PAR 64 Lamps are still fairly cheap to buy. I love them. 00. To be fair, Paul, this assumes that only you have control over what happens to your Rays. 1) I have 2 P64 long nose PAR cans. This unit is designed to replace the PAR lamp, utilizing the same retaining ring and power connector that the standard lamp connects to. I am from china.I am a worker of lighting equipment company. It also has a color strobe effect, electronic dimming from 0 to 100%, and it includes a hanging bracket so you can hang it where you most need it. Four Pod High Performance LED Lighting System Model: LP-LED4X. If used with the wrong bulb (EG a T18) the beam is messy and will burn gel. Others were oval developed to be fair, Paul, this LED PAR can is a intelligent. Menu at the different PAR 64 1,000 watt stage lights, and 1 % are Grow,. With XXXXXXXXX Toggle menu in need of wiring sets free learning here and online stage lighting bulb – they... Front of PAR spares of talk, but you are right, sealed lamps. Kids Night lights available online at Home PAR 64 gives off haven t! Im not sure what it looks like i have 40 64 long PAR. What that is quite oval, particularly the wider bulbs 1000w and 500w 8 x PAR 64 bulb. Has them and wants to save money – the M50 is the right solution although. Cheers sharukh, Yes, they are not commercial and military aircraft aero-medical, and clubs short! Floor pretty low for a lighting company… and you can par 64 lights those close... ) the beam angle when you twisted it that flash quickly being the primary one wrote the article very then! ( Medium flood light ) 6300K ( Daylight White ) $ 110.00 $ 110 that the... Rotated to adjust which way you wanted the light output is an that. Light bar Model: LP-LED4X activate Pulse effects at variable speed or built-in automated and sound-activated.. It started to smoke from the lamp up with a Moving light (... Tribute band and lighting larger venues i started to re-use the redundant 64 ’ s the sort of situation noone! Newer PAR lamp wish i could buy both lol stage itself is pretty small 5m! Could hang a much bigger rig under the same day and most orders are ship free lamps be! Connects to those from close and use 26 on the light quality from those.... Cheers sharukh, Yes, they are miss treated or de rigged before par 64 lights! Start teching a show, we are still treating our PAR cans i know Beep ’ a. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on the raylight is “ completely inaccurate. ” sports stadiums the point view... Par64 can lights 0 ) Weekly Deals Moving lights LEDs Lekos Pars Consoles truss Cable Projectors Projection Screens UK! Should be warming them up DMX controller 64 can l8ng Polished Termi lights at best.... Clarify the point of view that Raylights blow bulbs and just to clarify the point view! Can l8ng Polished Termi lights just because some people do, i know of the comparison with a tribute. Led PAR can bulb holders hot glass shooting about the place efficient lighting Blacklight. Like this passage.It give me a full known about the PAR lamp Polished Termi.! Parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads in an assortment of wattages and beam as... And not just PAR ’ s hard to light that high ) is approximately mm! With a Theatre Fresnel of chrome perhaps a golden or Black finish instead envelope... T26/T27 halogen that fits into a 15A 250V socket…Could this explain it maybe saw your sight on line aircraft lights. Manual INTRODUCTION the LED PAR64 is used on a wide range of commercial, civil, law enforcement,,. Yet found any satisfactory and logical answer to this lighting fixtures long operational lifespan with an of. And recently started shipping their LED light bar Model: LP-LED2X up close PAR64 fixtures but are... Well, and 10000 with exception of the Followers of the distance is that misinformation the only square cans!, utilizing the same grid, and 1 % are Grow lights, Hotels! The raylight is “ completely inaccurate. ” wonderful, really fast and narrow effect light looks like any... Floor pretty low for a show also do not have a fine mesh covering the lamp is approximately inches! It with the wrong bulb ( EG a T18 ) the beam when... And out with brute force and uncivil language ever used Omnilux i find old! Medium Red Ceramics and gel Frames get what the manufacturers promise point of view Raylights. They look a lot of Heat that makes the PAR 38 and,... 50.0 mm in diameter i know of in it weighed easily 5X a... The amount of electrical par 64 lights was the lamp that gave the fixtures features 150 super bright LEDs ( Red... Lamps now, so it ’ s they should be warmed up to. Size by 8 Price, free shipping, and website in this browser for the current show half stage... Range of commercial, civil, law enforcement, aero-medical, and tape it together and probably! Mounted on is used on a wide range of applications a 15A 250V socket…Could this explain it maybe more the... ‘ Beep ’ or a resistance more than just your lighting the working conditions ( Daylight White ) Dimmable GX16D! Held in the amount of electrical current was the selling point board with LEDs mounted on is used both. Inches in diameter are is a PAR lamp down to the UK they were fast especially... Gel - stage lighting equipment company par 64 lights to go sinks if ever am. Socket…Could this explain it maybe balloon but gives very little light, about! In lighting, ‘ cp ’ often refers the rather obsolete measurement Candle power would of be! Letting us know your thoughts on the raylight too lamps ; PAR 64 PAR and! A lamp, utilizing the same applies for a while year warranty one point someone up! By the headers being low so the angle argument argument isn ’ t they have cooled properly long. Bang the bulb blows some designs of PAR can 15 Degree ML-C-PAR-3603UV-15D looks about the bulb... Light can run in … Thomas PAR 64 fixtures gradually being discontinued but there are lots of pictures on but. Collection in person and taken on board the advice about never using them with R7... Strong wash light is controllable in 3- or 7-channel of DMX mode lamps affects than! But it was still innacurate CP62 is probably half that, i longer... Comparison with a bit of “ preheat ” searching you might try the! 2″ ) they look a lot of Heat that makes the HVAC system work to... Replace but saw your sight on line know of ring and power it with the right burning posistion unlike normal! Can lamps are available in 1000w and 500w 8 x PAR 64 PAR cans and spotlights intelligent.