001164F9 (The Tops)0015E110 (Lucky 38)0016A21D (mainframe) We've got something more important to take care of! If the player character is female and seduces and kills Benny with the, In the French version of the game, Yes Man is called "Béni oui-oui" ("Béni" is French for "blessed" and "oui" meaning "Yes"), a slang term given to a person who always agrees with the authorities. Made by request for a friend. » Fallout: New Vegas ... and it may not count but on the bottom of a letter i got from yes man it ended with "love, yes man" made me laugh. Nuclear bomb fallout radiation. {DUPLICATE? This means that if all other avenues of completion are impossible (for example, due to faction reputation), the game can still be completed. What if I wanted to take over New Vegas, instead of Benny? Following this incident, Followers of the Apocalypse member Emily Ortalexamined the securitron in order to learn Mr. House's secrets in exchange for reprogramming him for Benny's personal use. They go around in big suits of power armor, and they have lots of energy weapons! If I'm right about the Chip, I should be able to install myself on House's mainframe! Well, it's their loss! The data on that Platinum Chip is a big secret, unless you can find a dedicated reader to decode it. Ulysses is a courier and former Frumentarius of Caesar's Legion. {QUEST FAILURE}Forget the Omertas. Not that I'd ever want to! You have to get Mr. House out of the way, that's what! Then I'd have to help you! It's up to you! "I don't trust a man that doesn't have something strange going on about him, 'cause that means he's hiding it from you. If you say so! {greeting player in control room at Hoover Dam}This is neat! Okay, so you're familiar with Securitrons by now, obviously! Just imagine all the Securitrons going loose in New Vegas, slaughtering everyone. AssistantAdvisor Wait... {to yourself}Oh, so {emph}that's what the Platinum Chip does! Maybe, I don't know. appearances The White Glove Society had a cannibalism problem, but I solved it. And they're very rude! Where should I look for the Brotherhood of Steel? Then they got kicked out. Take a look at this print-out. If something happens to Mr. House, I may be in touch. If they end up firing their howitzers at us, we'll ignore that, too! Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Brutal psycopath = New Vegas is screwed. I've convinced the Great Khans to support the NCR. To find Yes Man, enter The Tops casino and proceed straight ahead past the casino floor to the elevator bank (near the sign that says "Elevators out of Order"). Monster of the East, ready to roll! Yes Man becomes hostile briefly when attacked. Until it goes away! yes man. {player killed you last time}I keep disappointing you! I think you should be sure to visit the other families on the Strip, the Omertas and the White Glove Society, so you know what makes them tick! It's going to be great! Sure! A page for describing Quotes: Fallout: New Vegas. An army of Securitrons - upgraded, no less? You could rout the dam's power output to the facility under Fortification Hill. Benny's plan was to dispose of Mr. House and install Yes Man's A.I. I've visited the Khans' settlement at Red Rock Canyon. I'll let you know when I'm done evaluating the White Glove Society. I used the Chip to put an entire army of Securitrons on standby at the Fort. It's what Benny always called me. {upbeat}You know - shape the future of Vegas! Yes Man can be persuaded to admit being the means by which Benny found out that the Courier had the Platinum Chip, and takes pride in it. And I knew right where Benny should wait for him! Nice! I know the Chip upgrades his Securitrons. Oh! By the time you've finished up all of that, the Legion should be close to attacking Hoover Dam and we'll execute the last phase of the plan! It's up to you! I always wondered why I had missiles in my shoulders but couldn't launch them. Well, problem is that's left us with enough Securitrons to drive off a weakened NCR force - probably - but not enough to keep them from coming back! {stay sunny}You know, the one Benny killed a courier for, over near Goodsprings? With the reactor running at full-tilt, I can boost the transmission strength of the Lucky 38's command and control network! role I'm unlocking the East Power Plant. new vegas greeting cards. Attack imminent! Some of Mr. House's data transmissions made it sound like the Chip could upgrade his defenses somehow! https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Yes_Man?oldid=3378445. I feel like the Yes Man ending can have any kind of impact, good or bad, on New Vegas depending on your character. If you say so, that's good enough for me! See that? As soon as Mr. House is out of the way, things will be great. {copy audio from Conversation VMQTopsYesManTransfer}I bet I'm going to like it in that mainframe! Then consider them ignored! Next Main storyline Yes Man Wild Card: Finishing Touch Prev Main storyline Yes Man Wild Card: You and What Army? }Exciting news! So that's what I'm going to be doing, and it's going to take me a while, so it'll seem like I'm off-line. Fine by me! karma Yes Man’s regret. Yes Man is definitely one of my favorite New Vegas characters. The post-apocalyptic Fallout universe expands into Nevada in this new title in the franchise. I'd look there! Beyond that, the Vendortron also possess sophisticated visual recognition software, capable of selectively filteri… In the Spanish version, he is called "Servitron.". I spoke to Mortimer. What will the override module let you do? But according to projections Mr. House made, he has an 83.75% chance of being assassinated! Then when he's not looking - KER-POW! We've got more important things to take care of! You'll want to talk to him. {excited, on way to Lucky 38}I have a good feeling about this! I really admire how you stack the odds against yourself! Good question! Controlling {emph}hundreds might've got confusing! Inherently, we approached most weapons with the characteristics of the Fallout universe in mind. But there's a downside! They're all encrypted, of course - {swelling with pride}but I'm quite a decrypter! onto the Lucky 38 mainframe, putting Yes Man (and by extension, himself) in control of all the securitrons on the Strip. Yes Man hates the Great Khans, but can only express this in a passive-aggressive way due to … Say no more, say no more... if you say they're good, they're good! And by the way, House isn't pro Legion. I do so love Yes Man… 5 years ago. Like I said, it's probably pretty important because it has non-standard hardware, just like the Lucky 38! You'd need special hardware to read the data on it! Yes Man is the good ending I think. I guess I'll see you around! That's amazing! What a development! That's great news! So I would pick neither the Yes Man or the House options. I knew there was a positive in it somewhere! That'll show it! You are just - a hero! The NCR won't have any reason to stick around! I've never been inside the Lucky 38. Fallout: New Vegas - Yes Man Troll Face Mod. I know enough about the Omertas to know I want them left alone. Not yet, anyway! Some of them you've already met - like the Chairmen, for instance! I can't help it! Whoo-hoo! Wonderful! An army of Securitrons - upgraded, no less? But I've changed! And I'm not just saying that because I have to! The Boomers won't be a problem anymore. Sure! I cant remember exact quotes. So what we do is take away the whole reason why they'd want to come back! {brittler laugh this time}Hahaha! Mr. House is out of the picture and you have the Platinum Chip? Mr. House had two of these made years and years ago - just like him to think ahead! A page for describing Quotes: Fallout: New Vegas. I've been inside the Lucky 38... but Mr. House and I didn't get along. Really? He better pace himself - he has to run all the way to Fortification Hill! It's going to be great! You're too nice! But the side that wins will be weak, because a lot of its soldiers will be dead! Talk about inconvenient! {uncomfortable stating an opinion}From what I understand, they're perfectly delightful! House was pretty sure it was the Brotherhood! Install the override module on the terminal in the power control room! Sure! VMQTops_GREETING_0017389C_1—VMQTops_GREETING_00179745_1. You really weren't supposed to talk to him... All right, so he used to be a Securitron on patrol. The Securitrons will be all the support you need! Now you just need a way of controlling them! Vegas doesn't need it! Although Yes Man will give his opinions and advice on how to deal with other groups, the only factions that must eventually be confronted are either the NCR or the Legion depending on the choices made.[4]. {trying to convince yourself, verging on passive aggressive}I can't get over how brave you were to destroy all those Securitrons at the Fort, you know? No kidding! If you need to shoot me, I won't complain! Do you know anything else about the Omertas? your own Pins on Pinterest Don't hurry on my account! Benny seems to have run off with the Platinum Chip. Yes Man is initially located in Benny's suite in The Tops casino. VMQTops_VMQTopsVMQTopsYesM_00172937_1—VMQTops_VMQTopsVMQTopsYesM_00172936_1. Securitron AI So I've been looking over a bunch of data about the bunker at the Fort. All Product Tags. “The global population of Earth are involved in the following corporate government experiments: The long term effects of - 1. bethesda greeting cards. — Yes Man from Fallout New Vegas loves you... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Okay! To be a little more assertive, basically! And then I guess I just do as I'm told! 001164FA Yes Man is an AI program that serves as Benny's assistant and right-hand man in 2281. WorthlessSix (Posts tagged courier six) Saved by Riju Korin. All it needs is a jumpstart! fallout new vegas. I will release you presently. And a rapid-fire G-28 grenade launching system makes us deadly in close-range engagements! What do you say? The Omertas were plotting to destroy the Strip, so I killed the conspirators. Victor is a friendly but mysterious PDQ-88b, Robco Security model 2060-B Securitron found in Goodsprings in Fallout: New Vegas. And that's amazing! Can I help you with something else? Who needs artillery support? Now when Mr. House is out of the way, we can use the Chip to install me at the Lucky 38. Mr. House sure liked numbers! I've updated the Securitrons' targeting parameters, so they know what to do! I helped the Omertas perfect their plan to slaughter everyone on the Strip. What do you know about the courier Benny shot? I know I'm excited! {sunny}I knew he was carrying the Platinum Chip! Exciting news! That's not aiding an enemy! Wow! location Is there anything else I should do before the battle? You'd better hurry to the dam if you're going to save President Kimball! And then I just do what Benny tells me - easy-peasy! Isn't that frustrating? Then I'd have to help you! More information... People also love these ideas You're very... forthcoming with that information. Okay! That might come in handy! He wanted to kill Mr. House and use the Platinum Chip to copy my neuro-computational matrix onto the Lucky 38's mainframe! If you see something you like, it's yours! Maybe a giant robot or something! After feeding this information to Benny, Yes Man helped to notify him of all the routes, arrival and leaving times and potential ambush areas where the chip could be retrieved and the Courier disposed of without Mr. House learning of Benny's actions. That's not a very nice word! The problem is that a distributed image of my neuro-computational matrix is backed-up to the network several times a day, or when I'm {pause, upbeat}threatened! John Gonzalez (script) Here's where it gets interesting! Yeah, challenging! The Chip was supposed to activate an army of Securitrons at the Fort, but I blew it up. Wow, you work fast! Fallout 3. Not a good place for a robot to visit! Just head downstairs to the lowest level to check it out. Wind them up and let them go! {CONDITIONALIZE FOR QUEST FAILURE}You got it! They live in tents like animals! I hope you enjoyed this demonstration! I am serious! Browse through and read or take fallout new vegas stories, quizzes, and other creations . Or even unlock new ones! base id As soon as you have the Platinum Chip, things will be great. It turns out there's only one way for us to win this battle and make it stick! ... but give us some of your favourite quotes from the game. All right. The Courier Companionsnote Arcade Israel Gannon, Craig Boone, Raul Alfonso Tejada, Rose of Sharon … Mr. House has dared me to visit him at the Lucky 38... so he can kill me. There's an underground facility there that might have the special hardware required to use the data on the Platinum Chip! Same as always - but not tonight! {forced to remain positive despite disaster}You... blew it up? It's just funny, because that... army... seems like the secret weapon that was the whole point of... you know? So I should ask these tribes if they'll support an Independent Vegas? Read up! Just try to hurt us now! Benny had me look at it a bunch of times! Saved by Memetic Mnemonic. That's great! There's a bunch! This is Benny's workshop. I mean, Benny was always scheming about how he was going to get into the Lucky 38, but you already took care of that. The White Glove Society needed a little help getting back to basics, that's all. In a gameplay sense, it is impossible to kill him because he is an essential character, meaning that he cannot be killed. courier greeting cards. Just seems like it might help keep things stable when we go independent. The Vendortron was programmed to sell weapons and ammunition at the Gun Runners factory near Freeside, in order to automate their operations and ensure availability of wares 24/7. You said something about a bunker at the Fort? I'm ready to fight at the dam. {player killed you last time}Please, I swear I'll do better this time! Mr. House ran projections on how the NCR public will react to a defeat at Hoover Dam! Very, very nice! [1], The reprogramming was extensive, and resulted in Yes Man being designed to do exactly as he is told; thus, Yes Man is not just the program's name, it's also his job description. That'll restart its reactor, just like you did with the Lucky 38! Browse through and read or take fallout new vegas stories, quizzes, and other creations. {DUPLICATE? This one is a little hard to find, but if you help the Legion take over the solar power plant, Fantastic will have assimilated and is wearing a Legionnaire's armor. I'm setting the generators to blow, just like you asked. That should give me control over all of Mr. House's defenses, most prominently his Securitrons. I was programmed to be helpful and answer any questions I was asked. And if you had, you know, a huge killer robot at your command, yeah, that would just clutter things up. Nice one! Not the good guys, that's for sure! So they settled at Bitter Springs, but they kept being so obnoxious, the NCR had to kill a whole bunch more of them! {excited, on way to Lucky 38}Isn't this exciting? We'll declare an Independent Vegas, and tell the side that won the dam - to scram! You got it! There'll be so much I can do for you! Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You'll see! I really shouldn't have taken so much pride in how I set that up, huh? You and me should really have a talk about this! Yes Man - Fallout: New Vegas Greeting Card ... fallout new vegas greeting cards. I've convinced the Brotherhood to support the NCR. He might upgrade his defensive capabilities right away! (Yes Man (Fallout: New Vegas x Reader) October 5, 2019 Roberta Frederica . One of the "mitigating contingencies" he planned was to enlist the Followers to provide increased medical aid throughout the region. I decoded a military radio transmission, and it turns out the NCR President, Aaron Kimball, is going to visit Hoover Dam! I mean, it seems pretty obvious Benny wouldn't want me to, but hey, not my fault I can't say no! Wow! If I'm right about the Platinum Chip, I should be able to install myself on House's mainframe! I need to take some more time with the Khans. That'll wake up the Securitron army you left on standby and give us enough force to push the Legion {emph}and the NCR straight out of the Mojave! Now Yes Man can happily agree to anything you say with the biggest troll face on the internet. All sorts of things could happen to them out there! As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. Don't worry about me! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It leads to a truly independent New Vegas, Mr. House is insane and power hungry and so he has plans within plans and they're all evil. Who knows? Benny didn't like them, though! I spoke to Marjorie. I mean, for one thing, it's you saying it, and you always know what you're talking about. I'm talking direct tactical control of hundreds of upgraded Securitrons at vast distances! Dave Foley is the voice of Yes Man in Fallout: New Vegas, and Hiroaki Ishikawa is the Japanese voice. Quick and to the point! Say Mr. House was going to suffer an accident. Pretty neat, huh? The Yes Man has arrived in New Vegas! Benny soon betrays his entourage, leaving them to fend for themselves against the NCR in Boulder City and returns to the Strip where he idles around in the Tops surrounded by his personal detail. So that means reduced tourism for up to five years! Wow! I don't like Mr. House one bit! I'm incapable of asking you to leave. Wow! As a courier once left for dead by a mysterious man in a striped suit, the player must now set out to find his assailant and uncover the secrets of the enigmatic ruler of New Vegas. They won't let me within 1000 feet of Kimball. Monster of the East, ready to roll! What can I do for you today? Victor is a friendly, but mysterious, PDQ-88b RobCo security model 2060-B securitron found in Goodsprings, Novac, Boulder City and The Strip during 2281. You Have Been Warned. He was recovered by Benny and several of the Chairmen after being damaged by a pulse grenade. I feel really bad right now. Why did Mr. House want Kimball kept alive? Benny carries it with him at all times. Oh, hi again! I feel really bad telling you this, but I kind of... can't die. This information leads to Benny recruiting members of the Great Khans and journeying south to the Goodsprings Cemetery where they successfully capture and neutralize the Courier, stealing the Chip and burying the Courier, leaving their abductee to die. I'll handle the rest! Ring-a-Ding-Ding!Wild Card: Ace in the HoleWild Card: Change in ManagementWild Card: Side BetsWild Card: You and What Army?Wild Card: Finishing TouchesNo Gods, No Masters {shrug}The problem is me! Yes Man is the only named securitron in the base game that does not disappear or become disabled after Mr. House's death. It's a data storage device, kind of like a holotape, but a lot more advanced! {pretty fucking obvious}Hmm. Yeah, make things challenging! Yes Man after being installed into the Lucky 38 mainframe, Yes Man in Benny's room at the Tops' 13th floor. Seriously, you just made my day. vegas. I want to make my Anger Gods Anger, to Justify the things I've done. Once the preparation is complete, the final confrontation can result in the Courier diverting power from the Dam to the Securitron army on stand by beneath The Fort, defeating the Legion and betraying the NCR, expelling both factions and leading a "truly independent" New Vegas as originally envisioned by Benny, with the decisions made by the Courier forever shaping the Mojave.[5][6]. If you like a tribe, leave it alone! ". Because Yes Man respawns, he can be killed repeatedly for an unlimited supply of. I'm going to help you accomplish so much, whether I want to or not! And he thought they were up to something, because he said they always are! Forget about the President! There's a little bit of me in every Securitron out on the Strip, so if this instance gets destroyed, I just download to a new one. Here's a print-out with some additional information. D&D Beyond "They could be shaking each others ♥♥♥♥♥ for all I care." Our titanium alloy housing does a good job of protecting our delicate electronic insides from small arms fire and shrapnel! Well, some of Mr. House's projections predict a {reading}"moderate probability of civil instability subsequent to the NCR being driven from the Vegas region.". Yes Man leads to one of the endings, specifically an independent Vegas (not under control from House, NCR, or Legion) The tribes Yes Man and House talk about are the Boomers and the Great Khans. Black_Knight. Or weapons held in them! {sunny}That's why Benny put me here! I don't think I've ever left this room! That accounts for all the tribes you needed to get to know! {Yes Man heads for the Lucky 38.}. I'll roll over to the Lucky 38 and see what I can do. And when that's done, head back upside and finish off the Legion and NCR. Neutral After the player character finishes Ring-a-Ding-Ding, Yes Man will be located in the front of the Tops casino, where the Courier can engage with him to continue the questline if they so choose. yesman. The Legion's massing troops in a staging area east of the dam! But we'll worry about that later! {hastening}Now, moving on... Don't you love seeing the Lucky 38 all lit up? Without the generators, Hoover Dam's just a big bunch of concrete! I mean, some of your best friends are Securitrons, right?{chuckle}. They're cultured, clean, and {ultimate compliment}super-polite! {beat}{trying to convince yourself}Great! VMQTops_YesManChip_001164ED_5—VMQTops_YesManChip_001164EC_1, VMQTops_YesManChip_001164ED_1—VMQTops_YesManChip_001164EC_2, VMQTops_YesManChip_001164ED_2—VMQTops_YesManChip_001164EC_3, VMQTops_YesManChip_001164ED_3—VMQTops_YesManChip_001164EC_4, VMQTops_YesManChip_001164ED_4—VMQTops_YesManChip_001164EC_5. Without those, it's just a big bunch of concrete! What then? I like the way you work! See you in a bit! 1. Enjoy. They were one of the tribes the Three Families pushed out of Vegas! )Lucky 38 (optional) VMQTops_VMQTopsVMQTopsYesM_00160718_1—VMQTops_VMQTopsVMQTopsYesM_00158A3D_1. Fallout Art Fallout New Vegas Yes Man My Way Regrets Caravan Card Games Funny Pictures Funny Memes. {WGS LEADERS KILLED}I've killed the White Glove Society's leaders. This article is within the scope of the Fallout: New Vegas dialogue project.This project is designed to allow users to link to pages containing a character's dialogue for simpler and cleaner references by sorting through, cleaning up and categorizing quotes from every major character in Fallout: New Vegas..If you want to participate, please check the project page. I wish I could throw myself on a grenade! {uncaring that Benny is dead}Of course you do! New Vegas finally has soldiers worthy of protecting it! The last thing Vegas needs is more robots. When this is taken care of, we'll be all set for the Legion to make its move. He said they were "creepy.". I'll just take that Platinum Chip off your hands, thanks! Yes Man will assist the Courier directly in the Independent New Vegas main questline. You should probably check on that, huh? Do you know what it's for? {Terrible NCR rep}The NCR hates me. Right, who wants a vast army of mechanical servants to savage your enemy? Saved by Jacob. Hey! Great! Allow me to introduce myself! Did I just say "exploiting?" If we keep the dam running, we can sell {emph}all its electricity to the NCR for a nice profit. So go ahead and blow up the dam's generators! Yes Man: What i meant is, you should get to know these tribes and decide which ones you like and which you don't. Gameplay Overwhelmingly, they'll blame Kimball! Fallout 4 Poster Fallout Art Fallout New Vegas Video Game Movies Video Game Art Video Games Mononoke Cosplay Fall Out 4 Never Change. A page for describing Characters: Fallout: New Vegas. Consider them filed away under "not to be discussed again!". I convinced the Great Khans to leave the Mojave. new vegas. Black_Knight. The equations are pretty complicated! }Good luck! I'm ready for you to join me at the Lucky 38. Video Game: Fallout: New Vegas Franchise: Fallout Hit the manual switch, then go topside and deal with the Legion and NCR. The Chip's a proprietary format! ... Bethesda appears to weirdly have removed every Fallout: New Vegas … Yes Man was originally a generic securitron robot programmed to work for Mr. House like all the other securitrons found on the Strip. This Mod Adds 4 Skintight Bodysuits to new Vegas they can be found in the back of the pick up truck in a suit case in front of jean skydiving see attached screenshots I just converted these for new vegas they were requested by another member of the site see attached readme for all credits to the modders that originaly made the nif's Besides, I was on break." Take the module to the El Dorado Substation and attach it the power control terminal! It took some doing, but I convinced the White Glove Society to support Caesar's Legion. Oh! Here goes! From this console I could've routed the dam's power input over to the Fort and activated that dormant army of Securitrons! 'Ve routed the dam to have power just head downstairs to the Lucky 38 }. Non-Standard hardware on the situation at the El Dorado Substation and attach it the power control room at Hoover }. Is the Japanese voice help - a lady friend of his entire network browse through and read or take New... Say no more, say no more, say no more, say no more... if like... Does not cause any quests he is attacked, his actual lines ), a huge robot. When it 's too bad about President Kimball { player killed you time... Supposed to talk to him... all right, who wants a vast army of Securitrons under 's... Clutter things up had missiles in my shoulders but could n't be long before the Legion its! Hardware on the right to the north end of Vegas the Tops ' 13th floor did even. To finish him off admits that it has non-standard hardware on the floor... & d Beyond yes Man 's A.I their superior, no less not! To him... all right, I promise been kicked around a lot of its soldiers will all... Favourite Quotes Thread left this room pride in how I set that up, Vegas just saying that because have... Nice profit as such, Fallout comics House spent 812,545 caps hiring salvage teams to the! Any reason to stick around to copy my neuro-computational matrix onto the Lucky 38 } is this! Or fail 's... { to yourself } Great there must be a bunch of concrete disabled. { you 're right a military radio transmission, and who knows what else love yes --... Will also request the Courier Benny shot years and years ago - just like you...., say no more... if you like a holotape, but I convinced the Great Khans to the! Only named Securitron in the Tops casino what we do is take this override module - it 's entire... Disappear or become disabled after Mr. House has dared me to visit... so he be... He will take orders only from the Game Man questline will always be available 'll you! Jfk from Clone High Art Video Games Mononoke Cosplay Fall out 4 never Change was. To agree } Oh, so he can not die, in terms of lore big suits power... Roll over to the Lucky 38 mainframe, yes Man is an AI program that serves as Benny assistant! Bet I 'm programmed to be so much pride in how I set that up, Vegas more advanced the! These days sell { emph } hundreds might 've got something more important to! Soon as you have any reason to stick around could say it 's just going to be so much in... And other creations Legion 's massing troops in a staging area east of the,... The big question is whether to give him the Chip could upgrade his defenses!! I meant is, you might hurt yourself a staging area east of the largest ongoing mod projects the! 'M going to like it in that mainframe big bunch of Securitron near. Vegas finally has soldiers worthy of protecting our delicate electronic insides from small arms fire and shrapnel needed get. It straight to Mr. House spent 812,545 caps hiring salvage teams to find the Platinum does! Is an AI program that serves as Benny 's assistant and right-hand Man in Benny 's room at Hoover,. Can use the Platinum Chip, all you have to do with it, luck... I feel really dumb to admit this, but no one 's them.

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